Types Of Freestanding Baths

free-standing-bath-6With fashions departing in the conventional cast iron clawfoot bath, a variety of kinds of free standing baths are made, since the late nineteenth century. The only similarity between them would be that they’re all standalone.

Hot tub

Also called Jacuzzis, the physique of some of the type of baths have jets on the aspect that always spray on water onto the bath. It can double-up as a healing space and functions as a body-cleansing dressing table. They have been specially constructed with a complete plumbing system within them.

The best thing about hot tubs is that they’ll even be set outside your home. They are usually found by you in another room next to the main toilet. The ports and water inlets/outlets are not invisible at first glance. They will have unique seats on them for additional relaxation while.

They come under a category of baths identified as healing baths, especially designed for hydrotherapy.

Given the quantity of moisture and warmth produced by hot tubs, you must put it in a well-ventilated area so there isn’t mold growing all over or respiratory disorders.

Bathtubs that are accessible

These are designed for disabled people. For engaging in and from the baths they have grab bars and rails. They can be built with ‘entries’ that are component of the constructions of the bath. They’re mainly made from fibreglass or acrylic. The two are acrylic and light weight is resistant to breakage or chipping.

Considering they may be used, most of these baths should be more sturdy than others. Fiberglass tubs costless than acrylic baths. The production procedure of the latter is less simple.

Infant baths

These are designed for bathing babies that have not learnt the best way to sit up. They function soft hold hand-held showers. The floors of such baths are less slick.

There are foldable versions which will make relocating them about more easy. Keep the infant within an erect posture and they may be designed to incline easily. Higher conclusion designs utilized and can be elongated over the months, up to the infant can sit up.

Boat Bath

These are so called because they have been particularly deep to offer a showering experience that was better. They can be usually shorter long, so they didn’t be quite as comfy for taller than normal individuals.

No support baths

Some separate baths aren’t supported by ‘toes’ or ‘stands’ but rather, their foundations rest on the floor. Cleaning below nevertheless, could be a challenge.

Baths with support

The toes of such baths supported on a base or are possibly of the clawfoot kind.

For all these baths, it is possible to add style and enhance functionality when you a DD add-ons like standalone fillers. The filler may also become a centerpiece that is spectacular.

The Renovations Screen of the Housing Market Association shows that toilet makeovers are among the top five priorities for these renovating their houses, higher up in position than kitchen renovations.

Being free standing, the selection of placement stays open-ended. You sense like you require to block-out the surroundings fully another time and may possibly sense like having it seem out toward a garden one time. Pick a neutral place, because occasionally it gets tiring having to transfer around it every so often.

Important Points To Ponder When Selecting A Freestanding Bath

free-standing-bath-5It’s vital for anybody, whether they are first time homeowners or are refurbishing their bathroom, to obtain a freestanding bath that fulfills particular requirements and their unique. The primary determinant of selection is frequently design and the substance.

Selecting a Bath according to Stuff

In many instances, these are materials and the important components of which freestanding bathtubs are made of:

– Resin *This is a semi-solid material produced from the sap of some plants, used in varnishes and paints.
– Stainless steel
– Stone
– Copper
– Acrylic-artificial fabric fibre
– Bronze
– Cast iron

Other Key Elements to Consider When Choosing a Freestanding Bathtub

Apart from the stuff, you need to consider various other aspects during your bathtub selection:

I. Dimensions of the toilet:

It is advisable to know the precise size of the toilet space, manner before you choose the design of a bathtub. The disappointment associated with buying a fancy layout, only to realize that it cannot suit the toilet area that is specified will be forestalled by such foresight!

II. Legal conformity:

Ensure that the plumbing strategy is compliant with Australian Standards (AS 3740-1994) specifications.

III. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of the stuff included:

Such understanding will help determine whether you select rock material or cast iron, taking into consideration the weight stuff that is such would apply on the floor. At precisely the same time, the stuff kind will impact – to some amount that is large – the cleaning process.

IV. Comfy fit:

The choice of bath is mostly based on the people thinking to put it to use. For the perfect selection to be realized, you will need to see the show-room(s) personally and really sit in it to create the dimensions and relaxation of the desirable unit.

V. Quality above all:

They say affordable is pricey. This really is a mantra that’s often demonstrated right, when quality is lost at the altar of price. The meant savings from an “affordable” deal may be misplaced through expenses incurred while replacing the bathtub one or two years after obtain.

Thus, due diligence should be exercised whenever choosing a bathtub. This is only because, maybe not only does an expense cost your hard-earned cash, additionally, it has an effect due to the quantities of water used.

If you are going to devote a bundle for the purpose of indulgence in that much needed magnificent bath after a hard day work, it makes economic sense therefore to ensure that you just do not repent the offer, after the shop doors are shut with the stinging reminder that “Goods once offered cannot be came back…”

At the conclusion of the day, you’re always guaranteed value for your own money, every time you employ the solutions of a professional, experienced and veteran toilet-products supplier. Such an established supplier would typically offer an extensive variety of designer that is lavish and elegant bathtubs; including free standing and hidden baths. With this array of bathroom products, this type of provider would have skill and the capability to fulfill with every distinctive, individuals taste and preference in their clientele.

Don’t Overlook These Simple Yet Critical Things About Your Freestanding Bath

Using any kind of tub for that matter, or a freestanding bath, seems to be a clear cut and thing that is incredibly simple. Nevertheless, it is simple to get hurt or injured if you mess on some really little aspect, which you took for granted. By scalding your self with water that is exceptionally hot one way you can easily damage yourself in the bath is.

The Right Way to Fill Your Bath with Water and Why

You may wonder: How can it be possible for any sensible human being to scald himself/ herself accidentally? Can’t you easily tell that the water is not extremely cold simply by touching it? Well, maybe not really…

My Wellness Alberta points out the fact that such aspects can reduce skin sensitivity to temperature as health, medication and age states such as diabetes. This means that you just might really examine the water by feeling with your fingers, but you wouldn’t tell whether it’s too hot or maybe not. You’ll then leap in to the new water, and then realize when it’s not too early that you simply have burned your skin up.

To stop this kind of horrendous disaster, when filing your tub up you undoubtedly need to use some precautionary measures.

You can comfortably use a mixer faucet that’s a temperature regulation mechanism. It would certainly suggest the temperature which you set the water to be without the headache of combining hot and cold water. A secure water array would be between 38oC and 43oC.

But if you don’t have that mixer faucet, you should start off filling the bathtub with cold-water, before adding in hot-water. Make sure to turn of the hot-water spigot first before the cold-water faucet, once you feel the water has now reached a suitable temperature. You would still have to check the water temperature utilizing a thermometer.

Additionally while you are in the bath, recall, don’t retain the warm water faucet. You turn of scalding water proper onto body on a blast and may accidentally slip.

Avoiding Slips in Your Bath

Slippery surfaces should always be included as much as achievable. This can be especially crucial for aged persons, in addition to young kids.

Having a bath, you should be particularly cautious concerning this issue. You can prevent by putting grab bars in your bath slipping. This would be helpful for somebody to hold onto while engaging in and from the tub safely. It’d additionally be a much better object to store, if needed during bathing, instead of trying to catch onto the heated water faucet that can readily spew maintain out, scalding water.

Putting a bath mat inside the bathtub would further prevent skids. You may also go for non-slip treads. However, take note that the rug set next to the bath can be even more threatening than the bare floor that is slippery. You must merely place a carpet that has a non-skid bottom.

Instead, having a bath seat would be fairly useful if you have physical disabilities and the elderly. However, if you’d need certainly to go this far, you might as well opt for a walk in bath.

The Extra Cost Of A Freestanding Bath Pays Off

You shouldn’t even have to think twice about getting it if price is the only thing that’s keeping you from obtaining that tastefully deigned freestanding bath. A built-in tub might seem less costly, but that is only the initial economy. You’d be surprised at just how much more costly it’d be after you’ve completed the whole installation process.

You see, a freestanding tub is similar to a furniture piece. There is not much more needed while installing it within your bathing area to include onto the bath. Perhaps, the only thing you’ll have to consider is fitting in faucets and the plumbing. Apart from that, you begin using it straight away and could easily place it right on the floor of your bathroom.

On the other hand, assembled in tubs are partially unfinished fixtures. You’d have to take a bit more time installing since you’ll have to hire specialists for much of the installment this bath, which will necessarily entail some extra expenses.

Break the Monotony of Straight Lines with an Amazing, Curved Tub

Lines would be featured by most other bath layouts with corners. When united with the rest of the fixtures in the toilet, such as the cabinets and vanities, your bathing space might end up having a monotonous appearance. Everything would feel firm and inflexible.

What you need to break the monotony of straight lines is a freestanding bathtub. Rather, select an egg-shaped tub which would stand out conspicuously in the centre of the room. This will transform the mundane look of your bathing space and generate another sense of intrigue and beauty.

Concentrate on implementing curved attributes and you may really decide to go even further. Once you have the oval-shaped tub, you can also go for dressing tables and cabinets that feature surfaces that are curved. This really is sure to make your bathing area an interesting and very unique spot to spend a couple of minutes of refreshing bath time.

Get the Right Tub for the Proper Bathroom

Even as you seek to get the tub that is right, you must also consider whether your bathroom is really correct for that kind of bath. You definitely don’t want to get a bath that would stand out like a sore thumb, looking so grotesque and out of spot.

Therefore, before you generate a brand new bathtub, only take into consideration how well it would participate in the rest of the fixtures in your bathing room. Would you must take out more or one of the present characteristics? Perhaps, you could apply a number of changes that would not necessitate a complete overhaul of your bathing area.

In this respect, you also had better pay awareness of the all important aspect of safety. Really, the toilet being a location that would frequently get wet could be a spot for inadvertent slips. The truth is, 2006 report by the Australian Creating Codes Board (ABCB) revealed that slides and tumbles presented the largest health and safety hazard in buildings. Therefore, you should ensure that all places that would get wet have non-slip surfaces.

Unique Qualities Of A Freestanding Bath

free-standing-bath-2Procuring a freestanding bath is a wonderful idea, whether you are constructing a completely new bathing space or giving a facelift to a classic bathroom. Yet, in order to love high-end luxury and relaxation supplied by a bath, you have to consider these variables before and when buying the product.

1. Design

When soaking in warm or hot water freestanding baths are blatantly designed to ensure comfort and optimum pleasure. With foot support or a beautiful pedestal elevating it above the floor, this bath doubles up as a stunning furniture piece that makes your bathroom look superb and certainly smashing!

Naturally, the choice of length is mostly a matter of private choice and preferences. It is best to determine whether the bath will serve as a shower unit too before purchasing a unit. The bath that is preferred will include a shower attachment, if that is the case. Instead, where space market isn’t an issue, you could have the shower individually – letting the bath to be used for soaking purposes only.

The designs accessible pander to imagination and each individual’s tastes, offering variety in terms of shape, colour and size.

2. Stuff

Different kinds of substances are utilized in creating these baths, with hand curved rock and cast iron being the most lavish. Such stone is either granite or marble. This implies that the baths are quite heavy; consequently, the floor upon which they may be positioned ought to be strong enough to guide such fat (this also comprises the added weight of water in a complete bathtub, plus a couple of folks using it).

Substance has an impact on motif or the style created by your bath. For people who have a preference of antiquity, the style that is totally wanted is produced by cast iron bath. For a skimpy budget, solid surface baths will fit the bill, enabling one to enjoy modern, contemporary designs and durability as well. Solid area baths are substantially lighter in weight as compared to cast iron and are chiefly made from Acrylic that is pure and Resin.

Copper baths have the advantage of combining both contemporary and traditional layouts. Stainless metal baths include shine and sparkle to your own bathroom and at the same time, are extremely easy to clean. Freestanding baths produced from Acrylic are rather an attraction because of their lightweight and easy cleaning. They truly are also readily available in multitudes of colours, shapes and sizes.

It provides such flexibility that it can be placed anywhere you fancy in the bath because a freestanding tub just isn’t repaired on the floor. Such flexibility provided by this unit, complements ingenuity in room utility. Because the bath can be moved to the middle of the room, near a window, next to the wall or every other place in the bath room, new special effects on the look of your bathroom can be accomplished.

Finally, the main attraction of this product is the indulgence of a luxury bath while sitting yourself down or reclining as water cascades and massages every part of the human body.

Variables To Direct You When Selecting A Freestanding Bath

free-standing-bath-1Picking a freestanding bath can be a fantastic and sometimes very confusing procedure. In fact, there are hundreds of designs in the market, making the choice procedure more tricky and more hectic. It helps to first decide what characteristics are mandatory for you, although the selection criterion in choosing exactly what you want is also easy quite varied. That way, it is possible to methodically remove the rest.


Acrylic baths for example, are thermally efficient. If you want a bath that feels warm to the touch, do it. However, the heat will not be retained by it in the water provided a cast-iron bath does.


The drain in freestanding baths is exceptional. For reconditioned baths, the plumbing is first completed, and the bathtub installed to fit into it. With layouts that are freestanding, you need a unique kit that is often sold together with it to empty bath water. Baths without overflow have kits that are marginally different. When uncertain of how the kits work seek expert advice.

Number Of Users

The double finished freestanding layout is a requirement for the modern bathroom. It can be shared easily.

Locating Of Necessities

These baths are definitely wonderful. Whatever you need to consider is where your bathroom articles go. Consider setting a ledge on the wall, where the artifacts that are essential remain permanently. The stand could also double-up as a decorative area. Flower or a green plant, or a photograph frame could work the straightforward magic trick. Instead of a ledge, have a deck that supports the faucets to double up as a toiletry holder. You get a double bill the looks and the benefits.


You can in fact comprise a shower to the bath. S O the head is over the tub simply erect one. For this to work, it should be incorporated in the layout plan of a new house. Where you are brief on area you could go this way.


Can be your bathroom Tuscan style, or are you currently aiming for the ultra-modern look? Eliminate feet that are thorough on baths that can sometimes look tacky. The bases are a key defining characteristic. The conventional baths have claw feet or other decorative stilts. Modern designs have their bases curved into supporting shapes while some have completely level bases.

Substance Of Slotted Space And Support Construction

Wood (especially oak) is beautiful, and is for those who want a rural appeal for their shower space. Wood also can work in a modern toilet. Stone (like marble) is considered to be the most expensive, yet it is the most exquisite stuff you could actually find for a bath and your walls

Environmental Factor

Though perhaps not a personal thought, consider the environment. Preserve water by adding a faucet aerator, which decreases the rate of water flow. Additionally, it minimizes splashing and in some instances, raise the pressure of water.

Cross out the features that are optional after you have the list drafted and narrow your selection down. After every one of the effort you put in selection, it simply is sensible that you settle for something that is not only impressive, but will also last.

The Leading Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Freestanding Bath

1There are two major kinds of baths: in-built and freestanding baths. Quite several homeowners favor freestanding baths in their own toilets rather than in-built baths as a result of specific reasons that are persuasive. Such freestanding bathtubs also do have some important disadvantages.


The professionals of a freestanding bath comprise:

1. Different sizes and shapes
  • These baths come in a large mixture of designs that are classic and contemporary. There are depths, different shapes and distances you are able to choose from. Available shapes include oval, square, roll-top and many more. A bath is normally meant for children while a deeper one would be an ideal choice for adults who desire to enjoy a more lavish and unwinding soak in the tub.
2. Bathroom rejuvenation
  • A modern freestanding tub helps restore the appearance of your bathroom, notably after renovating. This beautifully designed look in your toilet can improve the worth of your home especially if you are planning on selling the property. Most homebuyers set a lot of emphasis on a lovely bathroom while trying to find a house.
3. Designs that are distinct
  • Freestanding tubs come in a variety of attractive designs to satisfy any purchaser’s disposition and needs. Initially, these baths were launched into the marketplace with only one layout. They were large-sized baths with clawfoot. These were the old-fashioned Victorian baths. As the baths’ recognition rose, manufacturers came up with mo Re layouts and models to match purchasers’ interests.
4. Materials that are different
  • These baths come in different stuff. Some of the materials used to make them include: stone, wood, acrylic and cast iron. These substances would affect buyers’ selection of plumbing fixtures and appointments like enclosures and shower heads, taps that’ll complement their baths. Complimenting fixtures and appointments will ensure that a consistent toilet motif is carried through.
5. Adaptive to work with
  • These baths can be installed in a large toilet and set at any stage in the room the owner desires it to be. They can be installed at a corner, near a wall and even in the middle of the bathroom. It is placed by most people for cleaning functions in the middle.


Disadvantages of freestanding baths are:

1. Expensive
  • These baths are more costly to purchase as compared to in-built assortments. The plumbing program must also be carefully developed to ensure the installation of the bath can be on an open floor room.
2. Space needed
  • Although these baths are exceptional at creating a center point in the bathroom, they want enough room overall them to generate a great impression.
3. Weight of the bathtub
  • This point needs to be carefully contemplated. Freestanding baths are often more heavy. For this reason, buyers should consider how much weight their toilet floors can support before even purchasing the bath or installing.

Freestanding baths bring added beauty to your toilet. If you find that the pros outweigh the minuses in your specific situation, you’re able to contemplate buying one rather of installing an inbuilt bath, which would wind up giving because it cannot be easily moved to a position that is different a monotonous look.

Freestanding Bath: How Many Types Exist?

types of baths

The chance to have a great soak after a long day is one of the best methods of relaxing. A freestanding bathtub would be perfect for you to have such moments. A freestanding bath is a bathtub which is movable and can be installed in any part of your toilet. They’re favored by many individuals due to the flexibility of installing them as compared to inbuilt baths which are immovable.

These baths make your bathroom look refined while providing the relaxation you require every day.

Here are different kinds of freestanding bathtubs obtainable in the marketplace nowadays:

1. Claw Foot Bathtubs
  • They were the initial kinds of freestanding baths to be made. They’re one of the classic versions particularly on the western parts of the planet. The name came in the claw toes they possess which help them be steady on the ground. They’re deep enough to supply an awesome entire body soak you need it. These baths add an old-fashioned style to your own bathroom if you install one.
2. Japanese Ofuro Style
  • These are barrel-shaped freestanding bathtubs. They’re fairly different from common types of bath tubs as anyone who enters it does not lie in it but sits. Many people can share this bath. Since it was frequent from the time they were devised to date the name originated from Japan.
3. Pedestal Bath
  • This is a variety of the clawfoot variety. The variation between the pedestal and claw foot bath is the pedestal bath has a base rather than claw feet. The pedestal can be embellished or undecorated, and the bath tub is held by it. These baths are longer in length and are extremely comfy to soak in. They’re quite amazing and you can easily be enticed to buy them if you had a different bathtub in mind.
4. Slipper Freestanding Baths
  • These varieties can be both pedestal or Japanese Ofuro type. Some of the baths have four toes although some are attached to some base. They’ve an elongated straight back which make you sense quite comfortable while in a posture that is lying. You will have a spot to rest your head while soaking in the tub. This kind is preferred by many people because it’s more comfy.

Freestanding baths accessible now can be personalized to suit anyone’s needs and style. Some manufacturers have come up so that you won’t have to climb over the tub with bathtubs that have doorways. Other tubs have an option that enables you to correct the depth of the bathtub. One of the most prominent customizations of freestanding baths is whereby a bath tub has seats in. The seats go you down to soak entirely in water and bring you back up when you are done soaking.

There you have it. It’s now up to you personally to choose the variety of freestanding tub design you like. Actually, design might not even be your preference; rather, you might prefer specific tub materials as well as colour aspects.

Caring For Your Freestanding Bath Suite


The bathroom suites of now are normally low care. In fact, regular cleaning is about all that is needed. The surfaces of your sanitary-ware should be kept free of dust and soil, using a soft, non-abrasive cloth (to avoid small scratches building up on the top of material). A whole variety of bathroom cleaners is available that will do just great for most bathroom surfaces.

If you choose to use an eco-friendly merchandise, you will find many of these on the market; instead, to save the planet along with your pocketbook, you can attempt bringing into service some of the typical things you probably have around your house anyhow. Lemon juice is a light acid that may be set to a variety of uses including the gentle removal of lime scale, and baking soda blended with warm water is a cleaning agent that is surprisingly strong.

Make sure that you rinse the surfaces of your toilet suite off after cleansing with a damp cloth. Your aim would be to remove any sticky traces of cleaning agent which, left in place, can look streaky and ugly, and are also likely to re-attract the very dust you have just cleaned away.

Recall when you are installing your freestanding bath that you’ll need accessibility on all sides to clean it – do not straight back it against a wall or into a corner to the extent that access becomes a concern.

Cast iron and bear in mind as well that freestanding baths crafted from, for example, normal stone will need more specialist attention. Natural stone should be cleaned with a professional natural stone soap. Stone is porous and prone to becoming marked or stained whether it is not satisfactorily protected. Using a sealer will help to shield the surfaces of the rock from accidental damage; cleansing it gently and frequently with ‘rock soap’ will aid to keep it in good condition.

Cast iron baths are concluded on the inside (and sometimes also on the exterior) in vitreous enamel. The term vitreous only describes the process through which the enamel is bound onto the steel; heat bonds in location it. Prevention is preferable to cure when it comes to enamel attention: use just an approved vitreous enamel cleanser, and prevent staining by repairing dripping faucets promptly. Prevent abrasive cloths which wipe the bath after each use, and can scratch on the enamel. Specialist fix will be required by the bath if it becomes chipped; it is, however, not easy to chip a bath of the kind accidentally.

Pure copper baths, alternatively, will just become more beautiful with age, without the need for any kind of expert aftercare. Scrapes in the surfaces of copper baths ‘heal’ themselves (blending back into the entire over time as you continue your routine use of the thing), and pure copper has the advantage of being naturally antibacterial.

Your bathroom and basin should be cleaned and kept too: upkeep of their working parts and regular cleaning of these surfaces is common sense. A dripping tap can generally be fixed by replacing a worn-out washer or disk cartridge; most difficulties which occur with the toilet are cistern based, so ensuring you have use of both an easy plumbing guide and the cistern will cover many eventualities.

Your bathroom suite should last you is you take sensible care of it and for many years, it’s going to continue to appear good long into the future.

Freestanding Bath: Bath Alternatives For The Ideal Bathroom

Freestanding BathFor all those who love the relaxing comfort of a lengthy soak in a bathtub, getting the perfect bath for bedroom or your bathroom is not unimportant. After all, relaxation is the primary variable here and never getting it will see you spend less time in your tub.

Do not forget that you will not be given a chance to examine how comfortable a bathtub is before buying it by literally bathing in it by the shop; this makes your search for the perfect bath even more frustrating. So, you may need to use your best judgment to decide that the tub you happen to be taking a look at is the one that is right. Sometimes we need to rely on our inner power to spot the things that are right.

The one thing you could comfortably do with conviction is ascertain whether the tub you would like to buy is right for your toilet and lifestyle, and proceed to selecting the most appropriate model that comfortably fits within your planned budget. However, these aren’t to ascertaining the most effective freestanding bath available on the market all the choices. Below are more guidelines proposed by Livable Housing Australia to make your selection easier:

The Critical Pick – A Walk in Bathtub

Fantastic time in a bath tub then a walk in bathtubs are the ultimate choice for you, in case you are one of those who enjoy spending long. The option of which to take home is up to you personally. Since budget is the limit to your relaxation, you will get a tub that is simple in a pocket-friendly price as well as go for a luxurious one that’s therapeutic hydro jet massage system installed.

There are even baths that have LED lights making your time spent in the bath a rainbow moment. Other bathtubs spice up things even more with their luminous LED light systems that are unusual. Soaker tubs may also be bought in the walk-in bathtub section in case you’ll not feel bothered by the jetted experience.

Traditional Cast Iron baths

If your interest is not merely any bath unavailable for your home, whether against the wall or freestanding, you could consider a cast iron tub that is ideal particularly if running on a small budget. Retro is the way to go. You will feel your investment continues to be well spent in case you get a cast iron tub over an acrylic bathtub since they’re durable and last longer.

The Victorian style cast iron bathtubs that have claw feet are available to your property. Enamel coated cast iron baths are more easy to preserve and have a modern feel and seem. There is also a colour selection that is varied.

You should execute a creative strategy to use every inch of a small bathroom.

Picking a tub for your toilet can be quite a worthwhile experience. Nevertheless, make sure the tub you settle for isn’t only affordable but ergonomic in design. If you are looking for a high quality freestanding bath, Sydney is place where to shop.